Engaging National Leaders and Communities to protect Adolescents against Malaria

22 de marzo, 13:00 - 14:00 CET (Ginebra)
Global virtual event


Valentina Buj de Lauwerier, Senior Malaria Advisor, UNICEF


Angelique Kidjo, Grammy Award Winner and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
Mercy Mwangangi, Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Health Kenya
Gifty Ben-Aryee, Programme Head, Adolescent Health, Ghana Health Services
Josselyn Neukom, Civil Society Organization Representative for the Regional Artemisin-resistance Initiative Steering Committee
Cynthia Yue, US Youth Observer to the United Nations

In 2020, malaria claimed 647 000 lives. The global importance of the burden of malaria is addressed in Sustainable Development Goal 3.3. While the deadly toll of malaria in children is well known - one critical issue that mostly goes unnoticed is the burden of malaria in adolescents.
Malaria is one of the five major causes of death and ill health for all adolescents in subSaharan Africa, where the burden of malaria is greatest. In the Oceania region (excluding Australia and New Zealand), malaria is one of the two major causes of death and ill health among all adolescent girls. Malaria among adolescents in the Asia Pacific region has also hindered malaria elimination efforts.

We therefore cannot afford to continue to neglect this vulnerable group. Global and national decision-makers can lead the way by committing to:

1) protect adolescents from malaria and

2) support the gathering of evidence required for interventions to address their specific needs.

This event will shed more light on how national leaders and communities in malaria endemic countries both in Africa and Asia can commit to protecting adolescents against