Evaluation of point-of-care diagnostics to identify G6PD deficiency in Mae Sot, Thailand

Primary Objective: 

  • To compare the classification and accuracy of point-of-care (POC) G6PD tests in detecting G6PD activity.

Secondary Objectives:

  • To compare the classification and accuracy of semi-quantitative POC G6PD tests in the measurement of hemoglobin;
  • To evaluate the operational performance of POC G6PD tests;
  • To assess the comprehension of the POC G6PD test packaging and labelling among intended users;
  • To assess the usability of POC G6PD test result outputs among intended users;
  • To compare the interpretation of qualitative POC G6PD tests results among independent readers;
  • To assess the inter-reader variability in the determination of qualitative POC G6PD test results;
  • To explore use cases for G6PD testing.