Request for Proposal - Development of low dose primaquine tablets in a child-friendly formulation

08 Jan 2020

Plasmodium vivax is responsible for millions of cases of malaria each year and the relapsing nature of this infection results in a significant health burden. Primaquine (PQ) remains an important medicine for the treatment of malaria caused by P. vivax but currently there is no suitable (i.e. dispersible, taste-masked - quality approved) paediatric formulation available.

MMV is seeking proposals from eligible manufacturers to develop and deliver dispersible, taste-masked paediatric formulations of PQ.

All interested parties should have experience of developing and manufacturing quality pharmaceutical products and have experience of product introduction in malaria-endemic countries (even if not specifically malaria products).

Further details including the format and requirements for submitting a response to MMV may be found in the attached document below.


RFP responses should be submitted via e-mail with the subject line Request for information (RFP) - MMV-2020-LDPQ to Dr Joan Herbert at herbertj [at] mmv [dot] org with copy to Dr Anya Ramalho, ramalhoa [at] mmv [dot] org by the closing date- 10th Feb 2020, 15:00 CET.


Questions should be addressed to Dr Joan Herbert in writing at herbertj [at] mmv [dot] org with copy to Dr Anya Ramalho, ramalhoa [at] mmv [dot] org, by the stipulated deadline for questions. Questions and answers will be published below, and responders should check back regularly for updates.


Questions & answers

Please check regularly for updates

1. Is a deadline set for posting questions related to this RFP?

Questions may be posed until 30th January 2020.

2. Will questions and answers will be shared with all qualified service providers invited?

Questions and answers will be posted on the MMV website as received. Parties interested to submit a proposal should check the website daily for an update.


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