PSI Vietnam Smart pill box development

Further Information on Smart Pillbox Study

More information on the study is provided in the following attachment.


PSI Vietnam developed a device that is integrated into a pillbox to track when the patient opens the pillbox by sending a text message to a designated case manager. If patients do not open the pillbox within the required timeframe the assigned case manager is alerted and can follow up with the patient.

Management software was developed to collect all messages, sort and show the data in the adherence dashboard for case manager review.  The software recorded data on the following: name of patient; age; contact information; the time the medication was taken; intervention plan and other action taken (if any). 

Study aims:

The study conducted by PSI Vietnam aims to test the prototype in the field environment and to see if it encourages patients to follow treatment adherence by taking their medicine correctly. The study will look at:

  1. Device reliability: the successful transfer rate of smart pillbox (how many times a patient opens lid / how many times device sends SMS to chosen number);
  2. Treatment adherence support: measured by how many times a PSI case manager needs to provide support to patients who forget to open the lid/ or open the wrong lid to take medication;
  3. Feasibility: measured by interviewing providers, case managers and patients on ease of use and implementation.