Guaroa Virus and Plasmodium vivax Co-Infections, Peruvian Amazon.

01 Apr 2020
Siles C, Elson WH, Vilcarromero S, Morrison AC, Hontz RD, Alava F, Valdivia H, Felices V, Guevara C, Jenkins S, Abente EJ, Ampuero JS


During April-June 2014 in a malaria-endemic rural community close to the city of Iquitos in Peru, we detected evidence of Guaroa virus (GROV) infection in 14 febrile persons, of whom 6 also had evidence of Plasmodium vivax malaria. Cases were discovered through a long-term febrile illness surveillance network at local participating health facilities. GROV cases were identified by using a combination of seroconversion and virus isolation, and malaria was diagnosed by thick smear and PCR. GROV mono-infections manifested as nonspecific febrile illness and were clinically indistinguishable from GROV and P. vivax co-infections. This cluster of cases highlights the potential for GROV transmission in the rural Peruvian Amazon, particularly in areas where malaria is endemic. Further study of similar areas of the Amazon may provide insights into the extent of GROV transmission in the Amazon basin.