Options Assessment Toolkit: Assisting Asia Pacific National Malaria Programs for optimized radical cure of vivax malaria

17 Jun 2022
Dr Manash Shrestha speaking at ACREME webinar #28, 15 September 2021

This specific presentation starts at 17.28 minutes into the video recording.

Dr Manash Shrestha, Technical Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) Vivax Working Group (VxWG) presents the group's work in developing an Options Assessment Toolkit (OAT) to support national decision-makers in deciding which treatments and diagnostics would be the optimum mix to improve radical cure of vivax malaria in their contexts. Since the recording of this talk, the group have gained ethics approval for this work and are now working with the National Malaria Programmes of Afghanistan, Vietnam and Solomon Islands to co-develop this resource.