Splenic Infarction in P. vivax Infection in South Korea

Aug 19 2019
Im, J. H., M. H. Chung, A. Durey, H. Y. Kwon, J. S. Lee, M. J. Lee and J. H. Baek

Splenic infarction caused by malaria can be fatal, but its incidence and clinical presentation are not well-known. Thus, we investigated the prevalence and characteristics of splenic complications in patients with vivax malaria from 2005 to 2017 in a university hospital. Among 273 patients who were diagnosed with Plasmodium vivax infection by blood smear, 92 underwent abdominal computed tomography or ultrasonography. Twelve patients had splenic infarction. All patients with splenic infarction recovered after treatment with antimalarial drugs, without surgery and intervention. Although anemia and prolonged fever may be risk factors for splenic infarction, the incidence of these events was insufficient for a detailed analysis.