Vivax malaria in a returned Korean veteran.

01 Nov 1955

Many cases of malaria have developed among our military personnel who served in Korea. Fortunately, suppressive therapy has been effective in controlling the clinical manifestation of the infection in the endemic area. Malaria in returned servicemen from Korea has not yet become a problem to the medical profession, but potentially it may. The infection rate of malaria in Korea is high, and the disease is being diagnosed in a considerable number of veterans within short periods after their return to the United States.

We present herein the clinical observations on 15 patients with malaria admitted to the Veterans Administration Hospital, Buffalo, during the period June 11 to July 29, 1951. It is significant that since the opening of this hospital, in January, 1950, there were no diagnoses of malaria until admission of the first veterans of the Korean war, on June 11, 1951.

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