Vivax malaria in the mental hospital, Franeker (transl.).

01 Sep 1949

The province of Friesland is a focal point for endemic vivax malaria. Franeker, one of the provincial towns, was the seat of a small university up to Napoleanic times. Its old buildings, altered and renovated, have since 1851 served as the mental hospital for the province.When the asylum became too small for the increasing number of inmates, an annex was built in the village of Lankum, one mile from the town but still within the endemic area of endemic malaria. The annex has functioned since 1931 (Piebenga 1932), reporting on the continuous occurrence of malaria in the mental hospital since the last century, pointed out that the introduction of quinoplasmine, screening and spraying with shelltox had no effect on the endemicity.

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