Regions & countries

Number of P. vivax cases reported in 2017

There were 7.5 million estimated cases of P. vivax malaria in 2017, 82% of which occurred in just five countries: India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Indonesia.

P. vivax is the most widely geographically distributed parasite. It is predominant in the Americas, comprising 74% of malaria cases, 37% in the South-East Asia and 31% in the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Incidence of P. vivax cases reported per 1000 population at risk in 2017

The prevalence of P. vivax is likely under-reported, owing to a lack of diagnostics and generally lower parasite densities than P. falciparum (see P. vivax diagnosis). 

*All of the data and information in this section are derived from WHO World Malaria Report 2018.

Note that a value of 0 is a prevalence/1000 of <0.5 but >0. Where population at risk was not available total population was used.