Pilot Educational Program (PEP) Toolbox

A Pilot Educational Program (PEP) was carried out in Colombia by the University of Antioquia’s Malaria Group, funded by PAVE, and supported by the Colombian Ministry of Health. This 2022 initiative aimed to develop and test a training methodology for health professionals and community health workers on the use of the quantitative, point-of-care STANDARD G6PD test.

Through the PEP, an effective and replicable training methodology was developed and tested to integrate G6PD testing into P. vivax case management in Colombia. During the workshop sessions, participants significantly improved their understanding of why, when and how to test for G6PD deficiency. Afterwards, the PEP team identified barriers and facilitators to G6PD testing within the complex context of the Colombian health system, and developed a comprehensive ‘Toolbox’ that can support policy makers seeking to adopt G6PD testing in routine practice in and outside of Colombia.

This toolkit includes materials developed for use during the workshops, as well as additional materials that would be needed to implement this training program. Most of the materials are aimed at health workers and community agents, but there are also materials targeting patients receiving care. These materials have been adjusted based on lessons learned from the workshops and input from participants, and are made openly available for use and replication in other contexts.

How to use the STANDARD™ G6PD test

Toolbox materials

The following materials were revised following the implementation of the pilot educational program (PEP) in Colombia and are available to use.

(Materials available only in Spanish)