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The P. vivax information hub does its best to share the most up to date and relevant information to the malaria community. Together we can have make the impact much greater.

Please send us any relevant information that you think will improve the P. vivax information hub and benefit the greater malaria community using the form below. 

Where relevant, please ensure that the submission material is referenced.

We are interested in receiving:

  • Project descriptions, updates, key learnings or data
  • Changes in country or global policy
  • Training material and tools used in the field
  • County information related to:
  • Health system structure and challenges 
  • Key learnings
  • Strategy
  • P. vivax malaria burden
  • Activities
  • Commodities
  • Partner activities
  • Personal P. vivax malaria experiences
  • Publications and reports
  • P. vivax malaria related news and events. 

To submit information, please use the contact form below.

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