Cost-utility of tafenoquine vs. primaquine for the radical cure of P. vivax malaria.

16 Sep 2019
Kostić M, Milosavljević MN, Stefanović S, Ranković G, Janković SM


The aim of this study was to compare cost-utility of tafenoquine (TQ) and primaquine (PQ) for a radical cure (prevention of relapse) of (PV) malaria in Serbia using A five-state, 1-month cycle Markov model. The perspective of Republic Health Insurance Fund was chosen, and the time horizon was 10 years. The model results were obtained after Monte Carlo microsimulation of a sample with 1000 virtual patients. After base case analysis PQ was dominated by TQ, as the net monetary benefit was positive (20,713.84 ± 7,167.46 RSD (99% CI) (174.95 ± 60.54 €)) and incremental cost-effectiveness ratio was below the willingness-to-pay line of 1 Serbian gross national product per capita per quality-adjusted life year gained. Multiple one-way sensitivity analysis and probabilistic sensitivity analysis confirmed the results of the base case simulation. In conclusion, TQ was cost-effective in comparison to PQ for radical cure of PV malaria in socio-economic settings of a South-Eastern European country.