Regional Vivax Radical Cure Counseling Guide (Mekong)

01 Aug 2023

The purpose of this regional guide is to equip National Malaria Program (NMP) and Civil Society Organization (CSO) leaders across the Greater Mekong Subregion to use best practices related to community level counseling to promote vivax radical cure malaria treatment adherence and care for side effects among patients diagnosed with vivax. This guide is designed to be used by NMP and CSOs managing community level health workers to complement training tools already in use. For this reason, the regional guide does not cover all aspects of malaria messaging or go into depth regarding interpersonal counseling best practices, as it is understood that these components are covered by routine trainings involved in elimination programming. As a regional guide, material presented in these slides is designed to be tailored by NMP and CSO partners, considering local guidelines and insights from local communities at risk of vivax malaria, before integrating into trainings, post-training supervision tools and job aides targeting outreach workers affiliated with the public health system and CSO networks as well as community pharmacists involved in elimination.

The guide is made available as a slide deck and pdf format in English.


Josselyn Neukom (RAI3 Steering Committee CSO Representative) and Phuong Nguyen Bich (Graphic Designer), on behalf of the Malaria Free Mekong, a platform representing civil society organizations and communities in the Greater Mekong Subregion and ALIGHT, CSO platform host.