Studies in human malaria; the therapeutic action of meta-chloridine (SN 11,437) against St. Elizabeth strain vivax malaria.

01 May 1949

SN 11,437 metalinamide , which has been given the proprietary name, metachloridine was the most active of the sulfanomides tested in the war-time antimalarial program research. It is noteworthy that not only is it 15 to 60 times as active as quinine in the erythrocytic para-suppressive blood-induced Chesson and McCoy strains and its protective and therapeutic activity in sporozoite-induced Chesson strain vivax malaria was thoroughly studied at the Illinois state penitentiary, Stateville, Illinois (Pullman et al, 1948). This report summarizes the use of SN11,437 for the attempted cure of St. Elizabeth strain of vivax malaria in 10 prisoner volunteers at the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, GA.