Imported Malaria in Turkey: Importance of Diagnosis & Treatment of P. falciparum/P. vivax Mixed Infection

01 Jun 2018
Tünger Ö, Çakmak A, Özbilgin A, Tunalı V, Çetin ÇB


The most common types of malaria in the world are Plasmodium vivax and P. falciparum. In countries where both species are endemic, P. vivax and P. falciparum coinfection also occurs. Thus, the possibility of mixed malaria in Turkey should always be considered in cases with a traveling history to these countries. Here, we report a case of P. vivax/P. falciparum mixed infection that was diagnosed as P. falciparum malaria in Ethiopia. However, the administered treatment was inadequate, and infection recurred because of the miss in the diagnosis of P. vivax malaria, for which an effective drug for hypnozoites was not administered. This case report emphasizes the importance of diagnosis, correct and adequate treatment of infections, and a close follow-up of diseases.